Friday Update: Dombrowski Chooses Today Over Tomorrow



When Dave Dombrowski was named Red Sox President of Baseball Operations last August, the prevailing notion was that the administrative change was a step in the right direction. Dombrowski has had a long history of building contending teams as a baseball executive, and there was no reason why he wouldn’t be able to replicate his Florida and Detroit success with a team that had more resources than many, if not all, of its competitors. Yet beneath the surface layer of cheers, there were dissenting whispers bringing up the dark side of a Dombrowski reign. “Oh, you like your prospects and organizational depth?”those whisperers said. “Well don’t get used to them. They don’t call him Dealin’ Dave for nothing”. We were warned. This is what Dombrowski does; he cashes in minor league assets for major league talent (leaving the farm system cupboard completely bare), crafts a playoff team full of All-Stars, forgets about the bullpen, and condemns the team to a cycle of near-misses in October. Continue reading


Series Recap: Red Sox @/vs. Braves 4/25-4/28

Bradley catch

The Red Sox handled the struggling Braves in impressive fashion, going 3-1 on the dual stadium series.  If not for Clay Buchholz’ weak start, the Sox might’ve swept the series; keeping their five game winning streak alive.  In the set, Steven Wright solidified himself as a legitimate front-end rotation pitcher, while Rick Porcello and David Price were able to hush the haters with strong performances.  As for the offense, Dustin Pedroia, Mookie Betts, Travis Shaw, and Hanley Ramirez were able all able to put in huge contributions to continue this remarkable offense. Continue reading

Series Recap: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays 4/15-4/18

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

Coming off a series loss to the Orioles, the Red Sox looked to get back on track against the Blue Jays.  By splitting the four game set, the Sox proved once again that while the offense is very capable, the pitching staff is erratic.  However, impressive outings from Christian Vazquez, Clay Buchholz, and Rick Porcello give hope for success going forward. Continue reading

The Good and the Bad from Ft. Meyers

Pittsburgh Pirates v Boston Red Sox

When it comes to spring training, sometimes no news is good news.  Unfortunately for Red Sox Nation, 2016’s squad is filled with enough divas and personalities to fill an entire Bachelor season. Heading into the first spring game, there were multiple storylines to keep track of, some positive, and some very, very negative.  Here’s a recap of the major points, and some ideas of what else to expect in this inevitably turbulent season.

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Who’s On First?

Boston Red Sox Spring Training

Hanley Ramirez
isn’t the best with a baseball glove.  In fact, I’d say there’s a decent chance everyone who reads this could field a pop fly better than him.  Nonetheless, he is slated to be the Sox’ opening day first basemen.  Confused?  Us too.   Travis Shaw, the young but popular choice for first base, finished out his debut year in impressive fashion.  With only three errors in 54 games (in 452 possible chances), Shaw proved that he could compete at a big league level.  Ramirez, on the other hand, has virtually no experience at first base.  Having played third base, shortstop, and left field, he has been tasked to learn a new and nuanced position in a very short amount of time.  Third base, the most similar to first out of his past positions, has not treated him very well.  In 99 games at third base, Ramirez has made 20 (TWENTY) errors.  In comparison, Pablo Sandoval (who isn’t that amazing at the whole moving around thing either) committed five less errors in 24 more games this past season.

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