This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


I love fantasy sports. I started my first fantasy football league in 2005, and have played every year since, some years with more teams than others. I used to play fantasy baseball, but the problem with that is you have to find a league with people who are really (and I mean REALLY) into it, otherwise everyone loses interest by early June. I played fantasy basketball for a couple of years too, and while that was fun at first, it became apparent pretty quickly that, unless you had LeBron James or Kevin Durant on your team, you really didn’t have much of a shot at winning anything. Regardless of what fantasy sport you’re playing, though, or who’s in the league with you, they all have one thing in common: That Guy.

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Searching For a Starter

As a pitcher back in my playing days, it was depressing at points to see the Red Sox staff go to work this year. Not since the great Eric Gagne have we seen some of the levels of pitching displayed by our guys in 2015. In some ways we were prepared for this, as offensive firepower was viewed much more highly than pitching depth last winter.

As you’ll recall, the Red Sox picked up Rick Porcello, Justin Masterson, and Wade Miley as potential starters during the last offseason. At the time, Red Sox Nation was happy with these moves, but I think any pitcher would’ve been welcomed with open arms after Jon Lester‘s departure. Hopes were so high; in fact, that early in the season there was much debate about which of our pitchers could be the Cy Young winner. However, soon into the season (right about when Porcello gave up his 1,000th home run of the year) it became glaringly obvious that our starting pitchers were overmatched. Early call up stints from studs Eduardo Rodriguez, Henry Owens, and Brian Johnson were exciting, but the performance from our day one starters was less than inspiring.

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