Series Recap: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays, 6/3-6/5

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox


A couple thoughts on this weekend’s Sox-Jays series right after I (sort of) flash some leather from the broadcast boothContinue reading

Series Recap: Red Sox vs. Indians 5/20-5/22

Cleveland Indians v Boston Red Sox

With two commanding victories over the Indians, the Red Sox won their eighth series of the year.  The entire lineup has caught fire at the same time; largely led by Jackie Bradley Jr., Xander Bogaerts, and David Ortiz.  Similarly, the pitching staff (besides you know who) has found their groove, and been able to turn out consistently good performances. Continue reading

2016 Prospect Primer, Part 1


Before Christmas I argued that the Red Sox should be wary of trading away their blue chip prospects for superstars, as those trades don’t always work out so well. This week, I’ve taken the liberty of breaking down those prospects and ranking them as a primer for 2016. I’ve tried to simplify by putting our entire system into tiers:

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