Series Recap: Red Sox vs. Astros 5/12-5/15

Papi walk
With a 3-1 series win over the Astros, the Red Sox continue to solidify their spot as one of the premier MLB teams.  The offense keeps dismantling pitchers with Jackie Bradley Jr., Xander Bogaerts, and Hanley Ramirez all contributing greatly.  However, the pitching continues to be inconsistent, with Steven Wright and Clay Buchholz tossing mediocre games, and David Price returning to form.

  • There are few words that accurately describe the Red Sox offense as well as electric.  There isn’t an easy out in the entire lineup, and each hitter has the potential to send one over the wall in any at bat.  As of May 15th, the Red Sox rank 1st in the majors in runs (229),  hits (406), doubles (101), RBI (218), batting average (.298), slugging % (.489), and OPS (.848).  This is immensely impressive, but even more so when you look back at the offseason predictions.  David Ortiz was supposed to be too old, Hanley was thought to have lost his ability to consistently hit, Dustin Pedroia was too injury prone, JBJ was too streaky, and Bogaerts was still a year or two away from finding his offensive stroke.  Lol…
  • The Red Sox have put up 10+ runs in five of their last seven games, and Bogaerts, Ramirez, and JBJ are a big reason why.  Each of the three hit a combined .425 over the Houston series, continuing an eye-popping streak that has propelled the offense.  As a whole, the Sox have put up 101 hits and 73 runs in the past seven games.  Fuego.
  • Here is your weekly reminder that Buchholz is trash:  I won’t bore you with his actual stat line because there’s no point in analyzing it.  He sucks.
  • Conversely, Price was able to turn in an impressive performance, while will hopefully serve as a sigh of relief for Red Sox nation.  He only allowed 1 run over 6 2/3 innings, with 12 strikeouts along the way.  It’s a little easier to pitch when you know your offense is going to put up 10+ runs (11 in Price’s game), but Houston’s lineup is no joke, and Price handled them well.  When he pitches right after Chris Sale in the All-Star game, the notion that he lost his mojo when he came to Boston will be pretty funny.
  • Wright got knocked around on Friday. He lasted only 4 innings; with 9 hits and 5 earned runs,  and was somewhat removed from his absurd prowess as of late.  However, I’ve already convinced myself that Friday’s poor performance was strictly due to crappy weather, and that Wright is still, in fact, a baller.
  • I am not overtly religious, but I am devout follower of the Church of David Ortiz.  Boston has been no stranger to clutch athletes recently, with guys like Paul Pierce, Tom Brady, and Stephen Gostowski quickly coming to mind.  However, Ortiz will go down as the greatest clutch performer of all time.  With a walk off hit in the 11th inning of a game he had already homered and tripled in, Big Papi collected both his 20th game winning hit, and his 600th double.  For over 10 years, he has been trusted to perform with the game on the line, and for over 10 years he has found success in the final moments of games.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself once he retires.
  • Quick Notes: Watching Carlos Correa and Bogaerts play in the same game was fun, but watching Bogaerts outperform Correa was even more fun.  JBJ is currently riding a 21 game hit streak, and has a .448 batting average going back the past 15.  Joe West sucks.  He tossed Brock Holt after what seemed like two seconds, and unless Holt told West that he fucking sucks and his gullet scares young children, he was completely in the wrong.

The Red Sox look to continue their winning ways against the Royals, and luckily have Price, Rick Porcello, and Wright ready to lead the way.  If you’re not totally buying into this team, I don’t know what to say.  #GoldBottles or bust.



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