Series Recap: Red Sox @ White Sox 5/3-5/5

Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox

Looking to cement themselves as one of the top American League teams, the Red Sox rolled into Chicago hoping for a series win against the White Sox.  They were able to do just that, with impressive contributions from: Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, and even Clay Buchholz.

  • I’ve always reserved a special amount of hatred for those who write off Pedroia, saying that he’s too injury prone, too small, etc.  It’s been nice to see those naysayers eat their words this year, as he’s been en fuego as of late.  I know that the season is still young, and that injuries are always a possibility down the road, but his performance thus far has been electric.  In the last 15 games, the Muddy Chicken has 25 hits and four home runs while hitting .357 .  When he’s healthy, Pedroia is an offensive machine, and never an easy out.  Similarly, when he’s “on”, he’s in the top tier of defensive second basemen.  Oh, and he casually has the second most hits in the MLB this year.  That’s good, right?
  • David Ortiz can’t retire.  He simply cannot.  With 30 hits and 6 home runs already, he’s on pace for a monstrous 34 HR/133 RBI year.  He has been eating right-handed pitchers alive, and has shown no signs of slowing down.  In his “final” (always time to say “haha, just kidding guys”) year, Big Papi has a line of .319/.413/.638.  Again, I know that this season, at this point, is a very small sample size.  However, if the season ended today, he would have the best slugging percentage and second best OPS of his career.
  • Where are the people who said that Hanley Ramirez had lost his power, and that he was headed for another dismal year?  By focusing less on mashing dingers, and more on situational contact hitting, Ramirez has helped the Red Sox tremendously.  However, the power is still very much there.  With two home runs this series alone, it’s clear that El Trece is still a dangerous threat to take pitchers long.
  • I have to give a special shout-out to Andover’s finest, Ryan Hanigan.  He had an RBI double in last night’s game, along with two great defensive plays.  He showed off his arm by gunning a runner at second, and expertly guarded home and finished the relay from Mookie Betts for an out.  He’s a goon with a weird face, but he rocks.
  • Nothing gets me more pissed off than Dave O’ Brien harping on about Buchholz’ big game starts, and his potential.  Dude!  He’s been the same pitcher every year!  It’s true that he did pitch very well against a tough White Sox offense, going 7 innings with 6 strikeouts and only 2 earned runs, but it wasn’t because he “felt the pressure of a big game situation”.  He’s simply inconsistent, with All-Star-caliber potential on the days when he wakes up on the right side of the bed.  The more that I think about it, Clay Bucholz might be the biggest cause of my Red Sox headaches over the years.  I was at his no hitter in ’07 (#humblebrag), and I thought I was looking at the next big thing.  However, I was also at one of his more recent six-batter outings, where he looked so lost I wasn’t sure he could find the stairs to the locker room.  He’s like the girlfriend that you know isn’t good for you, but you keep letting her back in your life because she’s a total smoke show.  You never know what you’re going to get with Buchholz, and that’s the bottom line.
  • Quick Notes:  Sox still suck against lefties, with a .215 combined average.  Xander Bogaerts is quietly holding his spot as one of the best shortstops in the league, with no errors and 34 hits/.309 BA on the year.  Hope Josh Rutledge can find his own niche in the league; he’s a beast and takes full opportunity of every chance he gets.  Carson SmithBALLER.

The Red Sox will face the reeling Yankees next, and get a great opportunity to get a grip on the division standings.  It’s been a while since the Yankees were this bad, be sure to take it all in.

Guess who still has no errors?

El Treceeeee

giphy (1)


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