Series Recap: Red Sox vs. Yankees 4/29-5/1

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Some thoughts on this weekend’s Red Sox-Yankees series coming up right after my dog is more qualified to be in the Red Sox rotation than Clay Buchholz

  •  You know what’s really fun? Sweeping the Yankees at Fenway. I know they’ve only won eight of their first 23 games this year, but it’s always fun to kick them while they’re down, especially after the way the last two seasons have gone in Boston.
  • David Ortiz was a monster in this series, going 5-11 with two home runs and three RBI. The first dinger was especially satisfying: A two-run shot in the bottom of the eighth off of Dellin Betances to win Game 1 on Friday
  • Speaking of guys who are red hot, Jackie Bradley Jr. is going streaking. He had five hits this weekend, including two doubles and two triples. Bradley has now gotten a hit in his last seven games, and has 9 RBI and an OPS of 1.248 (!!!) over that span. This isn’t the first time JBJ has gone on a tear; last season he hit .424/.480/.880 with seven HR and 32 RBI from August 6th to September 7th. While this sample size is only about 1/4th of that one, I think I might see a trend developing. It looks like Bradley is going to be one of those guys who catches fire for a couple weeks every two months, but can’t hit his way out of a paper bag other rest of the time. As long as that results in him hovering around .250/.320/.420, and he keeps making these kind of catches look so easy, I’ll take it.
  • This was not okay. I don’t care if Faneuil HaIl is the most tourist-y place in Boston, that is unacceptable. I may need to have a longer take on this later.
  • April is over, but David Price is still struggling. Going into last night, Price’s peripherals actually weren’t so bad. His ERA was pushing 6.00, but lots of that was due to a sub-60% strand rate and poor BABIP luck. His 2.40 FIP, 2.38 xFIP, and 13.96 K/9 were actually really positive indicators for the rest of the season. But Sunday night, he did not pitch well. Part of that likely had something to do with the weather (They did play in a monsoon last night because $$$), but allowing six runs on eight hits against one of the worst teams in baseball straight up isn’t getting it done.
  • Rick Porcello keeps on rolling. Granted, he has yet to face a team that currently has a winning record, but based on where we were last season I don’t think we’re in position to pick any nits.
  • The Yankees are really bad. I mean really bad. I guess that’s what happens when your top offseason acquisition is suspended 30 games and your second biggest acquisition is Starlin Castro. They have all of the same problems as last year (old position players, thin rotation, pretty meh defense), except all of the old guys are even older. Look, the Yankees shocked everyone last season by winning 87 games and making the Wild Card Game. It looks like this season is more like what everyone expected from them in 2015. And yes, I fully expect to eat my words when they play .700 ball after the All-Star Break and make the playoffs somehow.
  • There’s a Cameron Diaz joke in here somewhere, I just don’t feel like trying to figure it out:
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Up next are the AL leading Chicago White Sox. It should be a good test for the Red Sox after a relatively soft stretch to end April.




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