And So It Begins…

Hanley Ramirez celebrates his second homer of the day, this one a grand slam, as the Red Sox cruised to a 8-0 opening day victory over the Phillies.

The revamped Sox offense was out in full force on opening day. Five home runs, including a grand slam from old friend Hanley Ramirez, propelled the Sox to their first win of the 2015 season. Relive opening day with a few emails between Greg and I as we get our hopes up and try to contain our excitement after a convincing win in Philadelphia to start another season full of unknowns.

Pat Morey: It appears Farrell abandoned his work the count approach in that first inning. Hard to argue with the results.

Greg Habeeb: Agreed. The guys were being aggressive from the get go, and it paid off in the short term with a home run.

Really great to see DP go yard right away. If he’s healthy and motivated, there’s no reason for him not to return to his usual .300 hitting ways.

PM: And the team needs that Pedey, not the get hot for two weeks at a time Pedey. There’s a lot of big bats in the middle of the lineup, but they need help from the top and bottom if this offense is going to work. If Pedey is locked in with Papi, Hanley, Panda, and Napoli behind him, look out.

Also, I hate opening the season in the NL. This offense has been hyped up, and I want to see it at its full capacity on opening day. Be better, MLB.

GH: I know i thought that was bizarre. Interleague sucks in general, so I’m definitely not a huge fan of that whole situation.

Speaking of guys who need to get healthy, there goes the Flyin’ Hawaiian walking and stealing bases like it’s 2013. He could be an X-factor this year.

PM: They really missed him last season in the outfield and in the lineup. Gold glove caliber defense and a terror on the basepath. The battle for right field between him and Castillo could get really interesting, though, if he doesn’t find that 2013 form. That outfield is getting crowded awfully fast.

Speaking of the outfield, right on cue is MOOOOOOKIE!!

GH: MOOKIEEEE!!! How awesome is it that he earned his spot in the lineup by absolutely raking this spring? I’m all in on Betts. If you told me he was going to hit .350/.420/.500 this year i would believe you in a heartbeat.

PM: I’ll always hold a little grudge with Mookie since he probably gave Jackie Bradley Jr. his final push out the door, but man is it exciting to have a superstar prospect look so great. Should we just give him MVP now or…?

GH: Maybe we should wait another game or two.

Meanwhile it’s the fifth inning and we have now hit 4 home runs after Pedey and Hanley “The Incredible Hulk” Ramirez just went yard.

It’s really encouraging to see guys get good swings on a top tier pitcher so early in the season. If everyone can stay healthy, the Sox are going to rake this year, theres no doubt about that.


Also, I love how Clay is attacking the strike zone. He was virtually unhittable a couple years back when he could throw strikes and force batters to swing at that ridiculous curve.

GH: It’s encouraging to see him not stink up the joint (at least so far), but just remember it’s against a Phillies team that might not win 60 games.

PM: It’s baby steps with Buchholz. Pitching well against a sucky team is a good start. He couldn’t have done this last year.

Regardless of whatever happens with our questionable rotation, I find it hard to think this offense won’t be a juggernaut. There’s power and on base guys everywhere you look. They should fill up some ludicrous box scores this year.

GH: It’s also encouraging that Buchholz is locating and has movement on all of his pitches. That is important no matter who you’re facing.

Hamels is done after 5 innings. Victorino is leading off against righty Garcia, and he hasn’t flipped around to bat left handed. I guess he’s ditching the switch hitting thing after all.

PM: Victorino can bat with his eyes closed for all I care as long as he keeps getting on base like this.

I would’ve liked to see a little hit and run there with Victorino on first and X up to bat with Hannigan and Buchholz on deck. Do you think they wanted X to swing away or they don’t trust him to make contact?

GH: I’m sure it had more to do with it being early in the season and winning the game than anything else. I feel like you want to let guys get their swings in early on in the season. There will be plenty of time for situational baseball in the coming months.

Buchholz finally ran into trouble here in the bottom of the seventh, but he worked his way out of it. Again, the 2015 Phillies aren’t exactly the ’98 Yankees, but it’s still good to see Clay executing pitches in tough spots.

PM: Totally agree. It was nice to see him pitch out of that jam, especially with a 3 pitch strikeout to end it. Like you said, it’s tough to get too excited given the subpar competition. But after a season and a half of seeing those same jams turn into 5 run innings faster than a coked up Ricky Henderson, it’s nice to see him put his pitches when he needs to.

GH: In other news, Mets-Nats is on ESPN right now. Watching Bartolo Colon pretend to hit is the highest of high comedy.

PM: Bartolo Colon is now and forever will be my spirit animal.Uh oh, now it’s time for the bullpen. I guess Tazawa is a more than serviceable first option, but after him and a breaking-down Uehara, yikes.

GH: Yeah, when Robbie Ross Jr. is an 8th inning option you probably have issues out there.

I still can’t believe that the Red Sox didn’t trade Uehara at last summer’s deadline. It’s a non-move that looks even worse now considering his injury status coming out of spring training.

Did the front office really expect a 40 year old reliever with a history of injuries would be a reliable option all season long?

PM: Keeping Uehara befuddled me. Not only could they have grabbed an asset, but they probably would’ve worked harder in the offseason to get a backup, also. Now close games will be in the precarious hands of Edward Mujica

If he’s healthy, I trust Uehara. But that’s a HUGE if.

GH: Hey look! Allen Craig with a single up the middle! He lives!

(By the way, I’ve said this already but Napoli’s weird mullet/flow thing he’s growing on the top of his head looks and will continue to look absolutely ridiculous)
PM:Craig lives! He’s a sneaky good fit on this team as a utility guy who can play first and outfield. At worst he’ll give you what Nava did these past few years, but with much more upside. If he disappears again or struggles, Nava is right behind him anyway.
With a broken bat, nonetheless. I guess all of his gains in the gym this offseason weren’t just for show. I think he’ll be happy to have the green monster for 81 games once again.
I certainly don’t want to overreact to one game, which everyone will be doing today, but it feels like these guys are really locked in this year.
But in all seriousness, you can’t ask for a better start to the season than that. I know the Phillies are a crap team, but there aren”t a lot of bad things to say about 8-0 win to start the year. Hopefully this is a sign of more things to come this season and not just an above average team crushing a terrible one.
Anything else you want to add to wrap up Opening Day?
PM: I’m just happy to have baseball back. Every spring we get our hopes up and get excited over what this team could be. We’ve been lucky over the past decade, but there’s also been a lot of disappointment. I honestly think this season could go either direction. Win or lose, though, after today, it’s clear this team won’t be boring. And that’s a good start.
GH: I agree. Last thing: Thoughts on Porcello’s extension?
PM:I guess they liked what they saw in spring training. That’s a rather hefty price tag for an above average pitcher yet to really establish himself as a legitimate top of the rotation guy, especially one who hasn’t even thrown a single pitch yet in the regular season. I think he has plenty of potential, but with a contract like that, we’re gonna need a lot more than just potential from him.
Porcello’s shiny new deal also begs the question, where was this money in the Lester negotiations last spring? Seems like a deal Lester would’ve gone for back then. I have to think there were larger Lester concerns in the Sox front office than just his asking price, because they certainly didn’t shy away from throwing out big bucks on a pitcher with a far less proven track record.
GH: I agree that it was a strange move to make in the wake of the Lester debacle that took place this past winter. But at the end of the day Porcello is almost exactly five years younger than Lester. By the time his contract is up, he’ll be entering his age 31 season, which is the same season Lester is entering this year. It’s a lot of dough to be sure, but that’s the going rate for relatively young, effective pitchers these days.
If the Sox really are that averse to offering pitchers over 30 long term deals, it makes sense to lock up Porcello now. He’s only 26 years old after all, and his ERA has gone down in each of the past five seasons. If you assume that the Red Sox are better defensively than Detroit has been over the last half of a decade, you can expect Porcello to pitch more in line with his FIP (3.70 over the last 3 seasons) than he had before he had better luck in last year’s breakout campaign. In Lester’s last three full seasons with the Red Sox (2011-2013), his average FIP was 3.84.
I’m not saying that Porcello is better than Lester, I’m only saying that the extension makes sense, especially if the front office feels that Porcello still has room to grow and improve.
PM: Well put, and hard to argue now that you broke out the advanced metrics. I think this just about wraps it up. Always a pleasure, my friend. One down, 161 to go.

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